Heroes Dev Log #7: Discrete Options and Abilities!

Heroes Dev Log #7: Discrete Options and Abilities!

October 17, 2023

Hi all!

We’ve made great progress on several new Heroes features that I think really improve the experience, adding things that many people have wanted in AI Dungeon for a while. Probably the biggest is discrete actions and abilities!

One of the problems we’ve seen many people run into when trying to play AI Dungeon (and Heroes) is not feeling creative enough to think of what action to take. So to fix that, we added something to Heroes that people have requested for a long time with AI Dungeon—suggested options that you can choose from, moving the story forward with a single click!


Here you can see several possible actions you could take, visiting the tavern, study’ing about Eleron’s exploits and more, while still having the ability to write in your own action in classic AI Dungeon style.

You’ll also notice there’s a “Use Ability” button. This is a new iteration on Heroes perks. In Heroes every character has a set of skills that they level up, for example “deception”, “unarmed combat” or even “time magic”. These affect how successful you are at actions that use those skills. Each skill also give heroes access to unlock ability perks each time they level up. Those abilities start simple, but get progressively stronger the higher their skill.

Before players had to explicitly type out the perks they wanted to use, but now all they have to do is select the ability they want.


And then type out how they want to use it (or don’t and let the AI decide 😛)

We’ve done some play testing on this already and testers have all loved these new changes. It made it a lot easier for them to get into the game without having to always know what to do and also made perk abilities a more meaningful and easy to use.


Make sure to use your perks wisely though! They have cooldowns and have to recharge each time you use them, with more powerful perks taking longer to cooldown.

Now that we’ve begun giving early preview access to more people we’ve also started to share the patch notes more broadly on the discord. If you want to learn more about the changes we’re making then you can come join the discussion here!

– Nick

We’d love to hear your feedback about Heroes, so please share any and all questions, comments, or ideas with us!